Decentralization in the Movie Industry
Guarantees Freedom of the Art

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What's Filmgrid?

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White Paper

This is Filmgrid


Filmgrid is a peer-to-peer solution for commerce, streaming and financing of independent films and series over the Internet.

Filmgrid's core ideal is to disrupt the movie industry in favor of the moviemaker, not the suit. Of rebel heart, its principles are the base for its business model design, decentralizing as many aspects of the movie industry as possible. The adoption of Blockchain technology will allow us to build an unstoppable application, that shares Filmgrid beliefs.


Filmgrid does not depend on a third party for production nor release decisions, it depends only and always on the users, placing the trust in the Blockchain; leaving intermediaries interests out of the equation.

And even though there are rules, no one controls it.

A Movie Marketplace - {the Billboard}

For those moviemakers that have made a digital movie (and/or hold the copyright for it) and want to capitalize their project, we have the Billboard, a storefront for movies of all type, length, kind and style.

It's really simple, actually.

The moviemaker registers in Filmgrid as Creative Users, if the movie is a collaborative work, the involved Creative Users must form what is called a Creative Team, then upload to the Billboard the Movie; once in display, a Viewer User buys a digital copy of the Movie, and, through the application, the Movie can be downloaded or streamed and viewed as many times as the Viewer User decides.

Participant Users

There is also a movie rental option for titles available in the screening mode in the "Billboard", in exchange for a “ticket”, the user obtain the right to play and watch the movie for 48 hours from the moment of payment.

A Funding Platform by Popular Participation - {the Pitchboard}

If there are Creatives with a cool movie project, or a very good idea for one, they can use Filmgrid's Pitchboard to fund it. All there is to do, is upload a description, an image, giff, teaser or trailer video and a budget to participate.

It's not quite crowdfunding, yet it relies on the crowd. There are three options to do so:

Production Fund

A Production Fund, where the crowd, in this case the platform users, will decide voting upon the catalog of projects in display on the Pitchboard which ones will get part(or total) of such fund. One or more projects may be funded in each round.

The fund will reset in cycles, all projects can participate as much as liked.


An old fashioned Presale, where the user can buy the movie before it is made, in order to support its Creative Users with the production of the project.

The patrons of the project will always be in control of the proper usage of the presale funds, according to the Creative Team's production plan.

Production Pool

The help of a Production Pool made by users that are interested in movie production.

These Investing Users get the opportunity to take part in the financing of the project, in exchange for a percentage of the profit generated by the product.

This way, the project is committed only to the Viewers, and never to movie moguls.

The Production Fund management, the voting and the dispersal of funds will be secured by Smart Contracts in the Blockchain, assuring the veracity and appropriate usage of the funds; every Creative User member of the funded Creative Team can trust the platform will release their respective payment, therefore everyone can focus in making a great movie.

A Cinema Social Network... ish - {Critique Bay}

A Social Reputation System will provide the best quality control, delivered by the users themselves; rating Movies and Creative Users, bad quality or poor Movies won't make to the top, with the possibility of getting permanently banned.

Users can use reactions to interact with each other in the platform.



Movies can receive a Critique from those who watch it.



Movies and Creative Users can be granted with an Applause.



Creative Teams can earn Ovations with their projects.



Users can follow their favorite Creative Users and Teams.

Since is a network, a connection channel gets open, where Creative Users can find key members for their crews, or find a crew where to contribute, and most important, learn from the Viewers feedbacks.

(Don’t worry, in purpose long boring movies won’t pass the Social Reputation System)

Decentralization in the Movie Industry Guarantees Freedom of the Art

Filmgrid Manifesto

Filmgrid Manifesto

If you like to know where our ideology stands, download the Filmgrid Manifesto.



Blockchain Technology

Why Jumping In?

Developing the project Filmgrid using blockchain technology is the logical move to make, the decentralized nature of this new technology is a perfect fit for the principles/tenets behind Filmgrid. Furthermore, it can solve problems that traditional centralized technology cannot, particularly issues of censorship, intermediaries interference or trade transparency for example.

Perhaps its greatest attribute is the level of trust that it allows to generate between users. This trust is the base for the proposed business model.

Decentralized Application

With the intention of being productive as soon as possible, the first two years, business will take place on the Ethereum network, the DApp and the Smart Contracts will run on top of the blockchain. Gas costs will be cover by the platform, not the users.


Extract from the Ethereum Project web site:

"Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

These Apps run on a custom built Blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property."

Blockchain Architecture

During the period the DApp lives in the Etherum Network, we will be developing Filmgrid Blockchain, an Ethereum fork, on which the consensus algorithm Proof Of Work (PoW) will be changed to the consensus algorithm Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET), turning it into a Permissioned Blockchain. This way, this Blockchain’s need for miners is eliminated as the computing power is provided by the Filmgrid peers network.

Every device that runs Filmgrid's DApp is a potential source of computing power. The PoET algorithm gives the opportunity to do processing in the backend of the device, randomly chosen, with a low power consumption while watching a movie. Users will have the option to enable or disable this function at will.

Filmgrid will provide server power for certain functions of the DApp and the off-chain interconnecions, such as the video files retreiving or social network activity.

Blockchain Architecture

A KYC module will also be implemented, in order to differentiate the type of user in the platform, the more faculties within the platform, the more information is requiered.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are self-executing contracts (programs), stored on the Blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.

In addition to the DApp, we will make a few core smart contracts that can provide certainty, and automation for a better customer experience. Smart Contracts that will live in the Filmgrid blockchain (but not limited to):

Smart Contract

The Vault. Its function is to secure the Production Fund, which can only be dispersed after the results of the popular election indicates so.


Pitchboard Ballot. Assures a trustworthy Popular election when the users choose the projects to be funded.


Funds Dispersal. The funds will be delivered only according to the production plan set by the Creative Team.


Filmpass Token. Utility token that allows users early access to movies at the premiere streaming.


Video Storage

To provide integrity verification for movie files, we will store the data off-chain and store a hash of the data on-chain. This guarantees that the data is not being modified while protecting the blockchain from becoming bloated.

We are exploring the benefits of IPFS, to implement in the near future.

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Fair Trade


Fair Trade Commerce

The whole point is to get here. It is well known that as many big industries, the movie business is far from being fair, we constantly hear about movies making millions of dollars in the box office, but what we don't hear about is that money remain in the intermediary’s pockets. Not to mention the shameless product placement movies are put through.

In a traditional Hollywood-like business model, income is produce with the sale of theater tickets, digital and physical video copies, licensing to SVOD services and others. The typical scenario for profit distribution will include a Recoupment Waterfall, an accounting technique designed to provide control to the middlemen, hence the manipulation of profit.

For a movie with a hypothetical income of 101,473,573.86 USD, it would look much like this:

Recoupment Waterfall

It takes a few years for the recoupment to be completed, the producers pool is the last to see any income. The producers pool is made not only by producers, but also by some creatives that negotiate a percentage of revenue, such as directors, writers, actors and others.

Every deal is unique for each movie, it depends in the names behind the project, but it usually respects the presented figures.


Remember we mention Filmgrid wanted to disrupt the industry? We meant everything about it. We come up with an innovative business model, cutting out intermediaries, aiming for the moviemaker to be the one who make the most profit.

Now, before any greedy thoughts, let's consider that this brings the opportunity to dramatically lower down the cost for the viewer, increasing volume sales.

In our proposed business model, we have three income sources within the same platform: Premiere sale, Screening sale and Home Cinema sale.



Buy movies with filmpass during the premiere to get exclusive additional material, and always, watch them first.



Missed the Premiere? A couple of months later the regular version of the movie is back for sale at the Billboard.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema

If there is interest in the movie, but not into buying it, buying a ticket with filmpass gives the user 48h hours of access.

In either case, Creative Users members of the Creative Team begin to receive income from the first sale. The decentralized application and the smart contracts will take care of all the automated operations and income distribution, respecting the configuration from the team registration.

We have now the opportunity to offer the users, international movies at an accessible price for almost anyone; and at the same time, a fair alternative to movie makers. The suggested prices for each sale option are:

Premiere = 2.85 usd | Screening = 1.9 usd | Home Cinema Ticket = .56 usd

With these prices and using the types of income of the typical scenario, we can run our hypothetical case, for the same movie, using Filmgrid.

Recoupment Waterfall

Even though the total income was dramatically less than in a typical scenario, the revenue received by the Creative Market was bigger.

Note. To have a better detail of the scenarios, figures and pricing methods, please read the whitepaper.

thoughts about piracy

We believe that the proliferation of movie piracy is a direct consequence of the elevated prices in the variety of movie and series presentations. Thinking piracy can be eradicated is naive, in the fair playground that we propose, the viewers won't feel the need to choose over the original content.


Initial Coin Offer

Initial Coin Offer

The purpose of making an Initial Coin Offer, is to finance the development of the Filmgrid platform and to gather the initial Production Fund amount that will be used by the first Creative Teams ​voted winners by eligible users, during the first year of operations. This fund will be protected by the smart contracts that have been described previously.

Utility token

To add value to the Filmgrid experience, the user is offered to buy the scoop of the film during the premiere sale, including the additional exclusive material; then we tranfer this value to the utility token Filmpass (FILM), since premiere film can only be bought with it.

The price for a movie during the Premiere Sale will be derminated by the Creative Team, since the value of the token may fluctuate and the length of the movie will variate, an honest assesment should be performed before pricing the movie.

Token Distribution

The token distribution will be divided in two phases, distributing 400,000,000 FILM tokens in each phase. 200,000,000 will be kept to be distributed among Filmgrid and the founding team. There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 FILM tokens.

We are looking to gather the needed funding for the different stages of the project development:

  • Starting Up. Get the project in business motion.
  • MVP on top of Ethereum. Develop the DApp and Smart Contracts.
  • Filmgrid Platform. Developing the blockchain.
  • Production Fund. Initial amount for voted productions.
Token Distribution

Once we have the Full Viable Product, we will run an Additional Coin Offering, directed for the cinephile and creative public, that is not related or does not yet know the crypto world. This amount is devoted exclusively to form the initial Production Fund.



Phase I consists of three sales, Private Sale, Presale and Token Sale, for a total offer of 400,000,000 FILM tokens. Unsold tokens will be integrated into the Crowdsale Phase II offer, increasing the capacity of the Production Fund.


Total Raised Funds






Tokens Claimed


Token Address


The token distribution will be divided in two phases for different levels of participation. Discover which one fits the best for you.

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The Team

Meet the Team

Andrés Ávila Torres

Director / Founder

Andrés is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and holds the Linux Foundation X, Blockchain for Business Professional Certification. He has 7+ years of experience in Fintech business development, with a very strong knowledge in Regulatory Compliance.

Osvaldo Núñez Melgoza

Operations Manager / Writer

Osvaldo is a true believer of science, numbers are his passion, and passion is his way. He is a person of deeply rooted ideology and practical experience, makes the project stronger and keeps us on track for Freedom of the Art.

Edith Valle

Operations Coordinator / Filmmaker

She is an independent filmmaker with a broad and international experience in all types of movies, from short, to long films; she holds a Masters Degree in Cinematography Direction from Escuela TAI in Madrid, Spain.

Stefanie Zöhrer

Creative Manager / Illustrator

With a Degree in Visual Arts and an Illustration Diploma from The New School of Design of Parsons, Stefie ads to the project a lot of knowledge when it come to talent management, professional equipment and production processes.

Hugo Arriaga Tapia

Creative Scout / Filmmaker

Alex Salais

Digital Marketing / Musician

Alex holds a Bachelor of Law in Marketing Management from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and is a certified Adwords expert. He saw the project as an opportunity to fully advocate decentralization as an ideology.

Lorena Meza Zamora

Customer Care Coordinator / Make Up Artist

Omar Bermudez de la Cruz

Customer Care Supervisor / Photographer

Advisor Board

Naveen Kapoor

ICO Advisor

Founder of The Times of Crypto, Joboshi, and a top three blockchain ICO Consultant/Advisor in ICOBench and have extensive knowledge of ICO marketing, PR, and subject matter knowledge of blockchain and ICO. He has experience in participating in more than 40 ICOs.

Gina Cruz Lozano

Regulatory Compliance Advisor

Gina is a Certified Compliance Officer by the CNBV in México, expert in matter of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism. With a keen eye to analize the available body of facts, nothing gets by her. She has 7+ years of experience in money transfer.

Oscar Moreno Olvera

Technology Advisor

Oscar is data/storage specialist with a lot of experience in data centers, server infrastructure and cloud services. He has ventured into crypto mining, finding in blockchain a new passion along the way.

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