Our motivation is to provide independent filmmakers freedom and means to produce and sell movies outside the existing film industry. Hollywood-like movie production and distribution is full of intermediaries that control major aspects of the creative work and keep most of the profit; translated in today's lack of refreshing stories, stocked in sequels, remakes and reboots.

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Fund, Trade and Stream Independent Films

We have conceptualized an innovative business model that root out the typical intermediaries and provides better revenue for the filmmaker at a great price and value for the viewer. With the help of blockchain technology we can build a platform that guarantees independence in a trusted environment.


A Movie Financing Platform

If a group of filmmakers is working on a film, whether it’s in the script stage, or further along, the Filmgrid platform can be used to obtain funding for the project. The “Pitchboard” financing comes without hidden commercial commitments.

Production Fund

Filmgrid will maintain an exclusive Production Fund for financing independent movie projects. Winning creative ideas will be chosen by Filmgrid users, who after evaluating the projects and their participants, may cast their vote.


Creative Teams that don’t have access to the budget necessary for the production of their movie, can make use of the Presale option to complete the production budget and begin to obtain an income on the day of the film’s Premiere release.

Production Pool

Another option which a Creative Team can choose to finance their project is the Production Pool, which gives platform users the opportunity to take part in the financing of a film, in exchange for a percentage of the project's revenue.


A Movie Marketplace

Independent filmmakers can put their movie, series or documentary for sale and rent; controlled by no one but protected by the blockchain. Revenue is directly granted to the creators.

Premiere Sale

An exclusive sale of the film that includes bonus material, available a few months before the regular offer and for a limited time, it can only be purchased with Filmpass Token.

Screening Sale

In this regular offer, the sale price is set automatically according to the duration of the film in minutes; the Base Price per Minute is determined by Filmgrid.

Home Ticket

A ticket for unlimited playback of a film during a 48 hours period, it applies for movies already in the regular offer. The rental price is based upon movie duration in minutes, the same way the regular sale price.


A Cinephile Network

With a smart social network interface, there is not need to rely on an agency to find the right talent for the right project, this enviroment will provide connectivity among the users, a way for Creative Teams to find other Creatives and Viewers to know the filmmakers.


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We are a small and diverse team, each one of us has a dual perspective towards the project, for we are both, artists and business professionals; in balance between passion and work.

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